It's almost time to go back to work, and I can not wait! Most teachers look forward to having two months off in the Summer, and I usually do, but right now I could use the distraction. I found out that this year I'll be teaching a grade 4 / 5 split class and Caroline is teaching the full grade 5 class so we'll most likely be classroom neighbors, and we'll being doing a lot of activities together. Fourth grade is my favorite to teach. It's the last year of fun, in my opinion. The curriculum is still quite complex, but I feel like fifth grade is when shit gets real.

I don't think I've told you much about Caroline. She and I became friends when we started working at the same school. She was the only other teacher under the age of 40, so we formed an immediate bond. She's about 5 feet tall, petite, with long black hair and deep green eyes. She's a feisty one too. She's always coming at us with some sarcastic comment that makes us die of laughter, and she sometimes struggles with toning it down in front of the kids.

Caroline was engaged to Markus. They dated for about six years before he proposed. We started working at the school together a year after she got engaged. She would bring in endless about of wedding magazines, and we would both fill up our Pinterest boards on our lunch breaks. The day she came in without a ring and bloodshot eyes, I knew things weren't okay. I called in for a substitute to take over both of our classes, and drove her home.

Apparently Markus accepted a job overseas without consulting with Caroline. His company offered him a ridiculous amount of money to transfer to Germany, and he didn't even think twice before agreeing to the terms and signing a three year contract. When she asked him what that meant for their relationship, he said it could be put on hold. He never once suggested that she move with him, or that they try and work things out long distance. She left without a word, and mailed the ring to his family. My heart shattered when she told me this.

Now though, almost two years later, Caroline is doing so much better. She's finally starting to trust men again, and is actively dating. I think it will be a long time before she fully commits herself to another man, but she's definitely headed in the right direction. It's almost impossible for her to even step outside of her house without a man trying to get her number, so she's been pretty successful in that department. She's also been harassing me to get out into the dating world again, so I finally caved. I gave her permission to set me up on ONE date. If it doesn't go well, she's promised to never interfere again.

I'm so nervous for this date though. We're just doing drinks.. thank god! Hopefully it's quick and painless. I know I shouldn't wish it to be over before I even meet the guy, but I can't help the anxiety ball forming in the pit of my stomach. I'm not so nervous about meeting him, it's just the anticipation of him asking the dreaded "How long have you been single?" or "Why is a girl like you still single?" those are questions I'm not really sure I can answer.

In the meantime, I've been spending as much time with my nieces as possible. (They're 3 year old twins.) I'm lucky enough to be home during the Summer, so we've been having pool days, shopping days, ice cream days and all that. Melissa, my sister, is just about ready to give birth to her third child, so it's nice for her to have some relief from the terror twins.

Sophia is starting to show, too!  She's been spending more time with us lately.. Paul works late most nights. She's about 4 and a half months pregnant now. Both me and Tori have been trying to nark out that whole Paul situation. Ever since Matt spilled the beans, I haven't been as comfortable around him. He may be completely innocent, but I trust Matt more than any human in the world, and if he says Paul's shady, than Paul is SHADY.

Anyways guys, I hope you'll all send positive vibes my way so that I don't chicken out on this date, or worse... start to cry. (I cry when I'm overwhelmed.) I also need to decide on an outfit.. so if you have any suggestions let ya girl know!



  1. Good luck on your date! i have been avoiding the whole dating world too lately so I get what your feeling!

  2. Good luck on your date!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!