I never sleep with someone on a first date. It's just a rule that I've set for myself from forever ago, and I refuse to ever change my morals. I can remember being in high school and both Tori and Sophia were experimenting with boys, and teasing them to no end. They always made fun of me for being a "prude" but I had other things to worry about.

I wanted to be a teacher more than anything, and I knew I needed to work hard to keep my grades up, so that I could get accepted to the university of my choice. I've never been that good in school. In fact, I hated it. Things came so easy for Tori and Sophia, they never studied, but were straight A students. I could study for hours, and barely reach a B+. They were also so much more comfortable in their own skin than I was, too. They've both been so beautiful since we were children.. like strikingly beautiful.. and I was always the awkward lanky friend that didn't grow boobs until I was almost 20.

Don't get me wrong, I never envied them. We just had different priorities, and I was more than okay with that. University changed me though. My curves decided to make an appearance, (I blame the endless amount of beer and nachos that I consumed.) and boys started to notice me. I wasn't the awkward friend that always tagged along anymore, I was finally my own person.

I started dating this guys named Rob around the time of my 19th birthday. He was tall, athletic, blonde haired, blue eyed. Perfection beyond perfection. I had no idea what he saw in me, but Sophia and Tori were always there reminding me that I deserved way more than I gave myself credit for. I lost my virginity to him, in more ways than one. Tori was so happy that she cold finally talk about my sex life. Her's never seemed to dull- that girl is a FREAK. But we finally had something in common.

I dated guys on and off for the last few years, but there wasn't anyone I was serious about. Then  I met Danny.

It was Canada Day weekend. I had agreed to go up to the cottage with Tori and Matt. This was the first time she was meeting his friends, so she was super nervous. I walked in beside her, and we were greeted by two gigantic men. I though Matt was huge, but these two almost had him beat. They gravitated towards her right away though, everyone does. They started picking on Matt and then Tori, and didn't even give me the time of day so I announced myself as sarcastically as I could. When Danny looked my way, we locked eyes and I felt something inside me that I'd never felt before.

Danny walked over and introduced himself as Matt's younger brother. He gave me a hug which I thought was strange for a first meeting, but these guys were clearly non traditional. Evan followed behind him, introducing himself as Matt and Danny's best friend since childhood. Danny offered to help me carry my bags to my room, picking them up and linking arms with me as he showed me around the house.

Their "cottage" was more like a mansion on the lake. There was an endless amount of rooms, each one decorated to a different theme. He had a story for why every room looked the way it did and had me laughing so easily. We eventually stopped on the opposite end of the house as everyone else. Danny showed me his room, and put my bags down in the room next to his. He told me how he got a better sleep when he wasn't listening to Evan's snoring and Matt and Tori's sexual escapades, and I had to agree.

As I got settled into my bedroom, Danny sat on the bed talking my ear off. I'm the kind of person that has to unpack as soon as I get somewhere. I can not live out of a suitcase- it drives me mental. I was only half paying attention to what Danny was saying, but I froze when I heard him say how beautiful he thought I was.

I turned to face him, and he was staring directly at me. I hadn't known this man for longer than an hour, and he had managed to make me feel things I'd never felt.

"What did you say?" I asked him.

"You're one of the most interesting girls I've ever met. I can tell you don't even know how beautiful you are."

My face turned red, and I quickly turned around so he wouldn't see.

"Are you blushing?"


He came up behind me and spun me around. "Ya, you are!"

That only made me blush harder. "Stop."

"Ha ha. I made you blush."

"You did not. Shut up." I picked up the closest pillow and threw it at his head.

He froze. "Woah. Now you've started a war." He picked me up and threw me on to the bed, tickling me to the point that I was gasping fort air... I'm extremely ticklish.

Danny was on top of me at this point, holding down my arms, neither one of us moving. We were still for what felt like forever before he lowered his head and kissed me. I wish I could say that I pushed him away and stormed out, but I didn't. I kissed him back.

It wasn't long before we were a naked, tangled mess. (Tor's words, not mine.) I didn't know what came over me. I had never been that type of girl. We heard glass shatter, and we both snapped out of the trance we were in. Less than 30 seconds later- Tori, Matt and Evan appeared in the doorway. I wanted to die inside.

I avoided everyone for the rest of the night, and no one spoke of that incident for the rest of the weekend. When we were ready to head home, Danny offered to give me a ride, and before my brain could kick in... my mouth accepted. We spent the entire car ride talking about everything and anything. We just understood each other.

I had fallen asleep by the time we pulled up to my house. Danny gently rubbed the side of my face, and I moaned as I opened my eyes. He flashed me that smile of his, and I knew this wasn't going to be the last of him.



  1. I loved this post! I am so glad that Tori talked you into this blog and can't wait to hear more of your story!

    1. Thank you! Yes, Tori can be VERY hard to say no to!